Are you ready to fail miserably? Part II

Are you ready to fail miserably? Part II

Yesterday we learned about Steve, a young man in the finance industry.  Steve’s job is a good one with excellent pay and long term opportunity.  However, he wasn’t compelled to stay at this job and we wanted to know why.  He responded that he wanted a job that he could fail miserably at.  See below for the conclusion of our story.

Please understand we don’t want people to fail at what they do.  We don’t want people to be miserable. What Steve was really saying though was this:

I’m not currently living into what fuels me.

I’m looking for something else that gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’m looking for a way to be so filled with my purpose that even if I fail it will be wonderful. Steve didn’t have a fear of failure or even a desire for failure.  He really was saying that he wanted to be so intentional with what he does that if it were to be that he failed it wouldn’t matter.

How many of us would like to have that kind of freedom? How many of us would like to know what it is that gives us that huge deposit and fuels us each day? How much more could we accomplish if we lived in that place?

That is exactly what we at Intentional Difference are excited about.  We want to help you discover your Intentional Difference, map out future growth areas through our idMindMap and then walk the journey with you through idTransform. Sound interesting? Contact us today for more information and get started on your journey of Intentional Difference.

Are you ready to fail miserably at something you were created to do?

Please answer in the comment section below.  

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