Shane Roberson

Shane is a catalyst. He sparks ingenuity, initiatives and new ideas for people and groups. His wife describes him as a wanderer, always looking for something new. He looks for new paths to explore and new journeys to discover. His three daughters describe him as nice, fun, awesome and caring. The people who are closest to him describe him as willful, loyal, and persistent. Shane describes himself as just a guy who strives to make a difference.

Instilled with the belief that being different is an attribute to pursue, not diminish, Shane purposes his time tapping into the creativity of each person to unleash what they haven’t been permitted to do in conventional settings. He gains energy by helping people, teams, and organizations unleash their difference and make an impact.

Shane is an avid runner. He runs to think, constantly in motion to discover new opportunities and challenges. His greatest inspiration are the four most important people in his life, his wife Jennifer and his 3 daughters, (Jessica, Amanda, and Emma). Each gift him with their brilliance, compassion and grace daily! He loves to read, dream, imagine and create!

His pursuit is to change the frame we typically view our life and the world.