Don’t Just Be Different

We’ve made a years-long study of leaders.

For a long time, we endeavored to identify the common trait or traits that great leaders possessed. If we could find that out, we reasoned, then we could figure out how to cultivate and develop it and great leaders would abound!

Alas, every one of the successful leaders we studied was different one from another!

This finding was disappointing to us at first. There was no magic key!

Of course, we should have known all along that people are different. There is no one exactly like you. You are the ONE, the first and only of your kind, naturally original.

So we thought we had it figured out. Could it be that successful people don’t share a common trait? That people are successful because of, not in spite of, their differences?

Nope, we were wrong again.

People are not successful simply because they are different. Being different does not automatically equate to being successful. Many leaders have failed because they have been very different from what their organizations needed or wanted at the time they were serving in leadership.

Here is what we discovered. Successful leaders are successful precisely because they put their difference to purposeful, determined, and productive use. In other words, successful leaders are intentional with their difference.

This is the focus and the force of our work. Helping you to discover your Intentional Difference, how you are made different to make a difference!

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