ID: A Story of Joe Mentee: Part II

Joe Mentee: Part I

The Intentional Difference Process applied: Position people to function where they are likely to make more of a difference rather than more of the same.

Our coaching with Joe was pretty simple… Help him discover and use his Intentional Difference…

First we taught him that his I.D. included a natural proclivity to ask disrobing questions. Remember how the direct report we mentioned earlier was stripped bare? That was Joe’s prevailing patterns running amuck. Second we taught Joe to practice the skill of listening 80 percent of the time, asking questions 10 percent of the time and looking for cues from his audience 10 percent of the time.

We also increased Joe’s knowledge on how to handle conflict. We taught him the principles of conflict management and actually wrote him scripts for his interactions with the team. It is important that you understand that we were not saying Joe was “bad” or trying to change his personality. Not at all, we were getting him to a place where his Intentional Difference could shine and be used to build an empowered team.

Would it work? We held our breath and waited to find out.

Tune in tomorrow for Joe Mentee: Part III

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