One Word Certification Overview

  • Can one word really change everything?
  • In your work with people, is it possible to guide them through a journey that leads to a new level of awareness?
  • Is it realistic to believe that they can achieve a level of awareness and clarity they have never had before?
  • We believe the answer is yes!

The One Word Discover process is an individual journey, to self-discovery. It’s not a destination, but a beginning. This one word starts a new way of being, a new set of lenses through which self, others and situations are viewed with new and clearer perspective.

This 3-Day certification process is intense, interactive and inspiring. Guided by the authors, KTA Consultants and One Word Coaches you will experience Intentional Difference personally as well as receive instruction how to use it within your organization or client work.

Beyond that you will become a part of the Intentional Difference Community that learns, grows and works together to impact those we work with.

A few fair warnings: This certification process is intense, fun and relational. It requires a high level of commitment and space is limited. We only accept 15 people per lab session. Lastly, we are looking for people who are interested in making a difference.

Who Benefits from Certification?

  • Business Leaders
  • Government Leaders
  • Managers
  • Executive Coaches
  • Educators
  • Consultants
  • Mental Health Professionals

Certification Benefits:

  • Access to One Word Training Materials
  • Referrals for One Word Discover Sessions
  • On-going Membership in ID Community
  • Access to the Workittude Web Portal
  • Official Document of Certification

Certification Requirements

To receive certification you must completely meet the standards and requirements that are outlined below. To keep the One Word Discover process true to origins, we rigorously uphold these.

Total Hours to Receive Certification: 60

  • 20 Hours of Pre Lab Work Required
  • 20 Hours of Lab Work Required
  • 20 Hours of Post Lab Work Required

Pre Lab Work:

  • Read Your Intentional Difference and complete all the exercises
  • Complete the One Word Discover Process

Lab Work

  • Attend 2½ days of Lab Training
  • Pass 3 Quizzes and 1 Final Examination
  • Conduct 2 mock One Word Discover Sessions

Post Lab Work

  • Complete 3 One Word Discover Sessions
  • Complete 3 One Word Mindmaps

Certification Fees Include:

  • Pre Lab materials
  • Pre Lab copy of Your Intentional Difference
  • Lab Fees
  • 2 1/2 days of breakfast meals
  • All Lab workbooks and materials
  • Post Lab work and materials


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