Why have an idTransformTM executive coach?

Hooray! I made it! I got a promotion! I’m on easy street now…more money, more power, and chillin’ with new influential friends!


A Senior management role in any organization can be a challenging, stressful and lonely experience.

Finding another person within your organization who will give you accurate feedback, someone who is confidential and unbiased in their opinion can be difficult in most organizations.  As a result, rather than struggling alone, many leaders choose to work with an executive coach. Together, the leader with her/his internal understanding of the culture and the coach with her/his understanding of Intentional Difference and broad based experience with multiple organizations, take on diverse situations, various personalities and critical opportunities where success is crucial to the leader’s credibility and brand within the organization.

idTransform has direct impact upon employee engagement, employee discretionary effort, employee retention, increased leadership effectiveness and improved job performance, by helping you leverage your Intentional Difference.

The focus is on how you can use the ID lens to make specific behavioral changes you want to make to increase you contribution to others and the organization you serve. Changes made based upon understanding your ID are sustainable, measurable, and observable by you and others.



For More Info…

The Engagement Guide: Team Leader Insight, disk 1 (coming soon!)

Insight Mobile App: Insight Lite; (free) Insight Plus (coming soon!)

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