idZone Dartboard

Using the idZone Dartboard© to understand yourself and/or others results in three things: an increased insight into the unique and useful difference you bring to a task; insight into the strategies that may be used to increase your 5% zone performance; and insight into how functioning more within your 5% performance zone impacts relationships at work and at home.

Video explaining how the idZone Dartboard works:


idZone Dartboard© provides diagnostic insight:

  • How much of my 5% am I using at work?
  • How are the six dimensions unleashed or inhibited by my present role?
  • What influence or control do I have which will help me to perform more in my 5% within my present role?
  • How does each dimension outside of the 5% zone impact job performance?

idZone Dartboard provides strategic insight:

  • What tasks/activities may be changed/altered to increase 5% zone performance?
  • What processes may be employed to increase 5% zone performance?
  • What partnerships may be forged/developed to help diversify activities/tasks?
  • What personal decisions need to be made to increase 5% zone opportunities?

idZone Dartboard also provides insight into relationship impact:

  • What does the Dartboard reveal about how I feel my personal brand is viewed at work?
  • What does the Dartboard reveal about how I am using the experiences I have had to benefit my team?
  • What does the Dartboard reveal about me both as a learner and a performer in my present role?
  • What does the Dartboard reveal about how the use of my 5% may be impacting my engagement at work?

Six darts, each labeled with one of the dimensions, indicate by their placement on the dart board how who you are is matched to what you are required to do in your present role. The idZone Dartboard makes it easy for you to know how you are performing within your 5%, 10% or 85 % zones.

How is your personality working for you at work?

If you have not already done so, take five minutes and find out here

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