Leaders – What Are You Responsible For?

We love to ask this question:

“As a leader, what are you responsible for?”

The possible answers are nearly endless. Budgets, personnel, facilities, objectives, outcomes…..

But one answer stands above the rest.

As a leader, I am responsible for potential.

Whether you are a CEO or a Chairman, a line manager or a foreman, a parent or a teacher you are responsible for turning potential into performance, performance into practice, and practice into a profitable outcome.

Your success will be measured by what you do with potential – your potential and that of your team.

Your first step is being able to spot potential in yourself and others. After that, you are responsible for being a steward of that potential, developing it and creating environments and opportunities where it can flourish.

In a very real sense, ID is all about spotting and maximizing potential. It’s about unleashing the hidden yet ingrained and incredibly powerful potential in every individual and team.

Our growing suite of tools is designed to help you do just this. From the idDiscover process which will help you hone the articulation of your own Intentional Difference to the idDartboard which will help you understand how you are using (or not using) your ID in your current role, we are here to help you be more responsible for that which you are most responsible for!

Please get in touch with us here to see how your intentional leadership can grow by leaps and bounds and watch Ken Tucker explain the power of ID here.

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