One Word Discovery

“One’s real life is so often the life one does not lead.”

Oscar Wilde

It’s you.

Your identity. Your difference. Your “I Am.” No list of labels. No strengths. No weaknesses. No types. Just you. Your one word. That changes everything.

The One Word Discovery is a process-driven discussion tool individualized to you. It is designed for people to discover their intentional difference and thus increase productivity, be it personally, professionally or vocationally. This tool is designed to engage the process of self discovery while unlocking potential growth areas and helping to chart future growth. Our process is driven by a set of beliefs and data that illustrates each person’s uniqueness and then facilitates using that uniqueness moving forward.

Hear what others have said about idDiscover…

David Simmons, Internet Marketing Consultant, Kingdom Business
Penelope Wald, PhD, Educational Consultant
Chris Gerdes, PhD. Stanford University, Inventor of the Driverless car
Chris Orwig, Celebrated photographer, author, teacher

What is YOUR Intentional Difference?

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