What Gets You Out Of Bed In The Morning?

When we were writing our book Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, we met with Jeff, the highly respected CFO of a major organization based in Washington, D.C.  Jeff is a nationally recognized accountant, who has received awards and letters of commendation for his flawless audits.

We were talking to Jeff about one of the six dimensions of ID, Driving Passion, which we define as your “energizing, intense appetite which demands action”.

We were chatting with Jeff in his office and asked him our leading question, “What energizes you?”. He thought carefully before answering. “I get energy from fixing things – I am most energized when I am wrestling to find a solution”.

Jeff went on to tell us about his recent experience managing a large-scale construction project for his organization, a project that came in weeks early and under-budget. His eyes sparkled as he told of early mornings and late nights, logistical challenges overcome and the constant, churning challenge of unexpected problems to solve.

“I’ve never had more energy”, he said. “Except on weekends.”

Intrigued, we asked about his weekends!

Breaking into a smile, Jeff told us “On weekends I make customized pens from a variety of natural woods.”

He got more and more excited as he spoke.

“Woods like mahogany and balsa have a beautiful grain that, when polished, make exquisite pens. Each piece of wood is different, so you have to best figure out how to work with one piece instead of the other. It takes long hours of concentration and creativity. For me, it’s the process of transforming a rough piece of wood into a beautiful, unique, and personal item for each person that drives me forward. It’s the process and progress of creating something new that energizes me.”

That’s Driving Passion. Now, Jeff is known nationally as a creative, diligent, and brilliant accountant. He’s great at it and using the gifts of precision management and detail-orientation to win laurels and accolades.

But accounting is not his Driving Passion. Making one-of-a-kind pens of both beauty and utility is. He is energized by and has an intense appetite to use his hands and imagination to create objects that are both useful and beautiful.

What about you?

What energizes you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What fires you up?

What is that thing that gives you an incredible sense of energy and joy? That’s your Driving Passion.

And, guess what – you are made to do a lot more of it!

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