What is the One Word Certification Workshop?

Introduction to the One Word Certification

The One Word Certification workshop provides a leadership development process that equips you to become an Intentional Difference expert (Workittude Coach). As an Workittude Coach you will develop your own leadership qualities as well as that of others. In this workshop you will learn strategies for unleashing your unique 5% Flow Zone.  We believe that 85% of what you can do most people can do. 10% of what you do, some people may be able to do or be trained to do. However, 5% of what you do, is what you alone can do, the way you do it. This is your “sweet spot” where you are at your best. This is what great and effective leaders do: they figure out how to spend most of their time in their 5% Flow Zone. This concept has caught on wildly in the marketplace with the book, Your Intentional Difference, landing on Amazon’s bestseller list.  It is an exciting time to learn how to coach leaders to discover and unleash their unique difference at work and at home!