Who am I? | The Signature of your Soul (Part II)

Who am I? | The Signature of your Soul (Part II)

If your fingerprints are the unique design and personal expression of your hand, then intentional difference is the unique design and personal expression of your soul.

I like to think of it as the signature of your soul.

No two are alike. Your Intentional Difference is a validation of your individuality. It is the authorization for you to “Be” someone and not just “Do” something. It allows you to answer the less often asked, yet profoundly more important question of “who are you” along with the more often asked question “what do you do.”

Your Intentional Difference is the one thing that changes everything. It is proof that you are made different to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you are a graduate from the school of Hard Knocks or the University of California, your Intentional Difference is what causes you to be an original and not a duplicate, a voice and not an echo. It defines what is most natural for you and to you. It is who you are.

How do you use your Intentional Difference?

As human beings we are created to do what we do through who we ARE. This is why understanding your natural, is so important to who you are. Every gift, talent, and strength has a natural environment for maximum engagement and productivity.

Athletes call it the zone. This is the place, the state of being where you become one with your natural environment. For the basketball player, the basket becomes so large the player can’t miss the basket when he shoots. For the baseball player, the baseball becomes so large the batter can’t miss the baseball when he swings the bat. For the thinker, thoughts become so crystallized the thinker sees with clarity both solutions and problems, instead of the problem only.

The zone is a place that is so natural to you that the outcome becomes a byproduct of who you are, your being, your Intentional Difference.

Eagles do not try to fly at altitudes of 10,000 feet and speeds of 35 miles per hour, they just do it as a byproduct of who they are. The lion does not try to be king of the jungle, they just do it as a byproduct of who they are.

There is a wonderful thing about the zone; it is not limited to just a few. Everybody has one. You too can get to that place where high achievement, peak performance and personal mastery flows from you and is a natural byproduct of who you are, allowing you to seeing the world through a lens that focuses your innate resources with the ability to harness them and do that which is most natural for you, what only you can do, your Intentional Difference.

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