You Can Know If You Are In Your 5%

Are you in your 5%?

You are different when you are in your flow zone. When you are doing what you are uniquely gifted to do, according to Abraham Maslow, originator of the theory of Peak Performance, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of Flow, you are energized and highly creative. It’s almost as if you are in a sort of “trance” – of the very best kind!

Simply put, you are at your very best. In the language of Intentional Difference, we say you are in your 5% Flow Zone. However, as Abraham and Mihaly point out, top performance is an infrequent state for most people. And when they hit it, it doesn’t last very long.

According to the Intentional Performance Audit Survey (IPA) we have been collecting over recent months, being in your “sweet spot” at work is an all-too infrequent experience.

The IPA measures the level at which individuals are presently performing based upon how free they are to apply their unique characteristics at work. To date, only 6% of respondents reported being 100% in their Flow Zone. 13% reported being 100% in their Leverage Zone. More than 60% of respondents felt their performance was split between the Leverage and Distraction Zone.

Six out of ten employees are doing tasks and burning a lot of energy doing what they would rather not be doing. Worse, they are drained and overwhelmed because they are required to do mostly what they are not good at.

The good news is that most people would rather be doing more of the tasks which allow them to function within their Flow Zone. The bad news is employees and their managers do not know if or how to change the situation.

We do.

To change performance you must begin with discovery. Discovery is knowing for sure what is the expected level of performance versus the experienced level of performance. So, let’s start there.

Take five minutes to complete our online assessment and find out how your unique characteristics are being used in your present role.

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